Ladder Technologies, LLC heat sensor labels indicate when a ladder needs to be taken out of service for testing due to exposure to excessive heat. Labels are laminated to resist changing color incorrectly due to exposure to elements, smudging and fading.

HS1000 Heat Sensor Labels meet the requirements of Chapter 13 in NFPA 1960 and Chapter 6 in NFPA 1932, current edition.
NFPA 1960 Chapter 13.2.5
NFPA 1932 Chapter 6.2.10


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In 1988, Boyd Cole with the help of his wife, Betty, started a company to sell his heat sensor labels to the fire service industry. Betty soon became the voice of their company, and for the past 29 years grew their heat sensor label business. In February of 2017 Betty sold the heat sensor label portion of oher business to Ladder Technologies, LLC, remaining on as a consultant.